She became very rebellious because of the long-term bullying of her parents and sister. Then she met that by coincidence. The demon killer called Lyon.

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This is not a setting that exists in the plot, so when Carolly puts on this dress and sits on the side of the corridor of the corridor… the audience sees her as Matilda, not the flower of Falothy .
Carolly wanted to respond to the cheers of the fans below, but she couldn’t… As an actor’s basic cultivation, she must ignore these audiences.
Because the real Matilda saw a group of people cheering on her, she would choose to flee, or be at a loss… Ke Jia Lolli was sitting here to meet the 南京龙凤网 tourists.
‘I am in color all day today, how about everyone? ‘
Although Carolly is playing the melancholy and rebellious girl, she is very happy to send messages in the Monet group.
The back of her hand was engraved with the inscription given to her by the dark elf.
In Carolie’s eyes, she could see clearly the emotions of the tourists below.
There are a total of 21 tourists in the lobby, and the emotional imprints that appear on them are all colored, and it can even be said that they are under the rainbow!
Qiao Xiu really created a miracle, or Qiao Xiu’s idea was so great that Carolie didn’t know how to evaluate it.
These tourists come from all over the world, their professions and positions are also different, but they have one thing in common that this demon is not too cold fans.
As a movie fan, there is nothing more exciting 南京419论坛 than seeing the characters in the movie actually appear.
‘Of course it is colored. The goal of this amusement park is to make a rainbow. ‘The fire spreader sent this message in the film council.
Everyone understands the meaning implied in it.
The purpose of the amusement park is to collect the pleasant emotions of the tourists, and the effect is significant from the current situation.
‘really? The situation in Baishuanglucheng has been deteriorating recently, and I hope it will take effect sooner. ‘The
Frost Owl