to the silver empire, which has the strength to compete with Tyfone. In addition, Typhon should be in a dominant position in economic activities in front of other countries.

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“I call it the’Tifeng Settlement Area’.
“And what we are doing is similar to Typhon. We are expanding the scale of trade with the Ogure tribe. You have planned to spread the railway to Ogure, and in the north, the Grand Archon of Victoria is establishing a relationship with the Violet Kingdom. Exchange and try to get in touch with the Principality of 南京品茶网 the Holy Dragon.
“Many city-states in the northern Mangyuan area have begun to buy our alchemy potions. Although their city-states are small, the entire city-state complex is still a huge market.
“There is no doubt that the Cecil Empire will become the’economic leader’ of these areas, and these areas will be settled in our currency.
“Refer to the’Tifeng Settlement Area’, most of the northern and western parts of the mainland will become’Cypriots’ Seer Settlement Area’. ”
Padrick said so much in one breath, his face turned red for some unknown time, and his slightly blessed body trembled slightly with panting. There was a certain inexplicable light in the eyes of this business and economic executive. It was blinking.
Gawain stared closely at Paderick’s eyes, his body leaned forward a little before he knew it.
“Then it’s not 南京桑拿论坛 just a question of Cecil and Typhon. “He said quietly.
“Yes, Your Majesty, it’s not just a problem between Cecil and Typhon. Typhon is establishing their settlement area. We will definitely establish our own. These are two settlement areas, two In the long run, in the large-scale, high-speed flow, cross-continent, and rapid growth of commercial activities, credit currency has a higher’capacity’ than substitute currency and is more able to withstand disasters. . ”
Speaking of this, Padrek stopped, and Gawain said quietly and quietly: “When the day of the run comes, the substitute currency will collapse faster. ”
Amber looked at Gawain and then a