, and she has to take me to fly.”

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Lin 南京桑拿论坛 Xianyu wowed, “Little Xingxing is a game master!
” Super!” Ren Suo praised, turning his head to look at Lin Xianyu: “By the way, Xiaoyu, do you need my help for
anything ?” “Is there anything I need your help?” Lin Xianyu wondered. .
Ren Suoka shelled for a while and thought about 南京龙凤网 what difficulties high school girls have, but he only helped Gu Yueyan, so he said, “For example, where to go with you to play, etc.”
Noting Gu Yueyan’s gaze, Lin Xianyu waved his hand quickly: “No no no no no-I won’t be fooled by you!”
Ah? Ren Suo looked blank, but Lin Xianyu didn’t want him and he couldn’t help it-the bond could not be forcibly established, and both parties had to be willing.
Ren Suo didn’t mind this either. After all, the fetter system had just arrived, and he still had a lot of time to study. And as far as the content of the fetters system is concerned, Ren Suo doesn’t need to cast a wide net, and a few higher-level fetters are enough for him to use.
The food was on the table, this time it was a rare gathering of many people: Ren Suo, Ren Xingmei, Lin Xianyu, Gu Yueyan, Dong Chengling.
Originally, Ren Suo wanted 南京夜生活论坛 to take his sister out for dinner, but before Dong Chengling left, he asked, “Are you still coming for dinner tonight?” Ren Xingmei was keenly aware of what she had to come to Dong Chengling’s house for dinner with Ren Suo. He also said that he would cook by himself.
“I can only cook some home-cooked dishes, I don’t know if it tastes good, I don’t know how to cook~~” Ren Xingmei smiled.
Gu Yueyan took a bite and had to admit that it was delicious!
“Ms. Bi Dong’s made it delicious!” Lin Xianyu said in time!
“Brother, what do you think? If you have this cooking skill, can you be your girlfriend?” Ren Xingmei asked happily-but she usually learns to cook when she has time, and the taste is more competent for her mother. Live in Rensuo’s stomach?
Ren Suo smashed his mouth. The ability to’understand the world’ has improved his taste a