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Who should the 489 bullet hit?
“Go on.”
Zhuang Shikai half leaned on the sofa, tapped the leg of the suit trousers with his finger, looking at each other playfully.
He knew only by looking at the other party’s opening remarks. The other party was not here to make trouble, but to make sense.
As for the purpose of reasoning?
It is probably an attempt to pull him into the group.
There are also strategic attempts not to pull in.
Li Mingwu looked at Zhuang Shikai and did 南京龙凤论坛 not give an answer, knowing that the other party’s thinking was strong and he was not someone who could fiddle with in a few words.
However, all he wanted to tell was the truth, so he didn’t hide it, and said straightforwardly: “It’s from the country!”
“It may be Australia, it may be 南京水磨会所 the United States, or it may be the ancestor of Hong Kong Island.
” You might think that arms sales are not on the table, at most it is the black money of the officers underneath, or the imitations of the small border factories.”
“But in fact, those inferior goods are the ones I look down on the most!”
Li Mingwu paused and said in a deep voice. He said: “The funds of various countries need to flow, military expenditures need to be replenished, and weapons that are about to expire need to be eliminated.”
“Some of the most advanced and cutting-edge big guys can purchase, bid, and sell for national security reasons, but the largest and largest What about ordinary firearms and equipment?”
“Pistols, rifles, grenades, bullets…”
“Armored vehicles, rockets, landmines”
“These weapons cannot be dumped on a large scale in various countries, 南京龙凤网 and selling them will also affect the international reputation and be charged with the crime of creating war. .”
Zhuang Shikai’s tone was indifferent, and he int